Application for 2023’s intake:  The application for admission to the Master's Degree Course in Agri-food Sustainability 2023 will start in November 2022

1st call:  15 Nov – 25 Nov 2022
2nd call: 10 Jan - 23 Jan 2023

You can check the admission requirements, documents to be prepared and get ready on the application portal.

After the application has been sent, your academic titles will be evaluated by an appointed committee that will judge the suitability for the admission and may also take your working experience into account. An interview may also be required. I must underline that, according to the Italian regulation on the admission to Master Degree Programs, the academic title that must be checked for admission and owned by a candidate is the Bachelor's Degree. Additional academic titles (other Masters' Degrees or Doctorates) can be used as integration to the Bachelors' Degree and help in the general evaluation of the candidate. Owning a Master's Degree (or Doctorate) does not grant the automatic admission to another Master's Degree.

For further information please contact the Admission Office,

Tuition fee: 156 – 4000 euro per year. The tuition fee is adjusted to the student’s family’s financial situation. Non-EU students residing abroad and holding a study visa can also choose to pay the flat rate determined according to their citizenship which ranges from 400 euro to 4500 euro per year. Click the tuition fee page to get more.

Scholarship & Funding: the University of Pavia offers several kinds of scholarships/funding for a sum up to 7.000 euro per year per student. Click the funding page to read more.