The University of Pavia aims at training an innovative professional figure which will be expert in food system, with a broad spectrum of preparation.

The food system expert is a specialist in high-quality agro-food production and will be essential in the near future to ensure adequate quantity and quality of food, obtained in a greener and more sustainable way, relevant both at environmental level as well as at social and economic level.

The food system expert is a "senior" agronomist with a multidisciplinary and advanced professionality and culture; the figure has an integrated version, able to face the modern challenges of economic, environmental and social sustainability.

The figure trained during the offered Programme will be able to facilitate the development of high-quality agro-food chains in terms of final products and processes; the expert in food system will also represent a highly trained technician, able to interact in the chain of post-production, transformation, up to distribution and consumption level.

Career opportunities