[02-04-2024] Visiting professors from California
Clara Nicholls lesson

The Agroecology course started this week with two visiting professors from California, Miguel Altieri and Clara Nicholls, who will lecture for a week on cultivation, production and marketing in the context of climate change and the future of agriculture. On Friday, they will take part in an educational trip to Oltrepo' at three companies specialising in wine and olive oil.

Visiting professor classroom
Altieri lesson
[08-01-2024] Sustainable wine marketing course
Sustainable wine Baldi

The 'Marketing of Sustainable Wines' course started at the Ghislieri College, as part of the 'Universities in Colleges' project.

Wine is the most complex, dense in history and full of meaning of all agricultural products. Although it has deep roots in the land from which it comes, it has become a symbol of trade, religion, culture and spirituality in many countries far from its place of origin for more than 9,000 years. Right up to the present day, where it still ranges, as a product, from commodity to luxury, dealing with the most heterogeneous dynamics and situations. This makes it an ideal example for analysing the declination of agri-food sustainability marketing in our world today, using the same product but in different channels and market niches with different dynamics.

The course will be held by Gian Matteo Baldi, who holds a degree in Business from the University of Buckingham and an MBA from the Bologna Business School. He started his career at a very young age as a wine producer, achieving important results with his small company and producing wines that are now considered iconic.

After the age of 30, he began a career as a manager at larger companies (Cav. G.B. Bertani, Feudi di San Gregorio, Bertani Domains, Campari Wines, Sella&Mosca) from sales manager to CEO and eventually creator and manager of innovative projects in the world of wine. In the meantime, he also taught at university, studied and wrote articles.

The initiative, also open to students not resident in the Collegio, was held as part of the degree course in Agri-food Sustainability of the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences of the University of Pavia.