Exams schedule

General informations

The exams are organised in specific periods of the academic year, called 'sessions':

- winter session (January-February)

- summer session (June-July)

- Autumn session (September)

Outside these periods, taking examinations is only allowed for undergraduates and repeat students.

Students must register for examinations online, by accessing their reserved area.
Once the grade is published, the student will have 5 days to confirm or reject it.
Once the 5 days have elapsed, the grade will be considered accepted.

How to check the exam dates

Follow this step-by-step procedure to check the dates of the exams :

  1. Go to the page “Bacheca Appelli” of the University of Pavia
  2. Select the dates in between you want to find exams: from ("Data Esame da") and to ("Data Esame a")
  3. Select the right department (“Dipartimento”: Dipartimento di Scienze della Terra e Dell'Ambiente)
  4. Select the Study Course (“Corso di Studi”: Agri-food Sustainability
  5. Select the course (“Attività didattica”: select the course of interest)
  6. Click the button "Avvia ricerca"