Internships for the thesis

The study plan includes an internship with 12 ECTS aimed at promoting knowledge and entry into the world of work. This internship is an integral part of the training course and contributes to the achievement of the educational objectives of the master's degree programme.

When starting an internship for the thesis, you should identify the professor at the University of Pavia who will be your thesis supervisor.

Internship for the thesis options:

  1.  In a laboratory of the University of Pavia with also the opportunity to attend a period in external structures
  2. Via LM+
  3.  Abroad within the Erasmus programme

1) In a laboratory of the University of Pavia with also the opportunity to attend a period in external structures

The laboratory could be chosen within the departments of the University of Pavia involved in the teachings of the Agrifood Sustainability Master’s Degree program.
ATTENTION PLEASE: The internship for the thesis activity can be done in part or for the entire period in a structure external to the University of Pavia. In this case approval from the Thesis Supervisor and the Didactic Council of Agri-food Sustainability is required.
Once identified a laboratory with the guidance of your thesis supervisor or identified an external structure the student must:

1. At least 15 days before starting the internship for the thesis:

  •  fill in the starting form (download below)
  •  send the starting form to Segreteria Didattica at
  •  send the starting form via Filo Diretto by accessing the link here

2. At the end of the internship for the thesis

  •  fill in the ending form (download below)
  •  send the ending form to Segreteria Didattica (

IMPORTANT: In case, for any reason, you need to extend the duration of the internship from what was communicated to Filo Diretto at the beginning of the internship for the thesis, please make sure to inform Filo Diretto about the new end date, so that the insurance can be extended consequently.

2) Via LM+:
Apply to the dedicated Call, find more information and procedures here.

3) Abroad within the Erasmus programme:
It must be approved by the Thesis supervisor and should follow the Erasmus + rules/requirements that you will find in the related application procedures:
      ● Via the Erasmus + traineeship program (check this page here )
      ● Via the Erasmus + Studio program (check this page BEWARE: not every University accepts students who want to do just the thesis preparation, without attending a single course)
     ● Via the Overseas Exchange program (check this page)