The study plan includes a curricular internship of 12 ECTS aimed at promoting knowledge and entry into the world of work. This internship is an integral part of the training course and contributes to the achievement of the educational objectives of the master's degree programme.

The curricular internship can be carried out in the laboratories of the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences of the University of Pavia.

It is possible to recognize internships in structures outside the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences as part of the credits reserved for internship activities or as supernumerary credits. This is conducted voluntarily by the student. The recognition is subject to the evaluation of the Didactic Council, which will establish the credits for the activity.

The study plan includes also a training activity called “Other activities” of 3 ECTS. Alternatively, foreign students who do not have an adequate knowledge of the Italian language will include the activity “Italian language for foreign students” (3 ECTS) in the study plan.

Students enrolled in the LM+ modality will be able to receive 12 ECTS of curricular internship and 3 ECTS of “Other knowledge useful for entering the world of work”.

The Didactic Council may also order the recognition of the training activity carried out in the company as additional credits for the training internship in excess calculated according to Article 16, comma 5, letter c of the University Didactic Regulations based on the hours of attendance documented by the tutor and recognized by the Didactic Council, in addition to the curricular ones.