LM+ Project


This new proposal for Master Programs is called “Plus” as its learning track focuses on the student as an active player in the job life, working in one of the projects partners, companies/industries and organizations.

Why LM+?

LM+ aims to answer to a challenge coming from the contemporary world: creating a learning activity that mixes, at a very high education level, the academic knowledge available in academia and the one coming from industries and organizations in the job market of the economic world. The LM+ idea is completely different from a Master Degree Program with an internship or a stage as part of its study curriculum. In the LM+, the working activity developed by the student is a part of an academic path focused on providing specific and related professional competences. The partner companies and organizations do not just host the student but they commit to a program focused on learning goals in a continuous exchange and interaction with the University of Pavia. To this end, formal and informal meeting allow students to discover firms/organizations and their activities.

What’s different for the students?

During the chosen Master Program, the student will be enrolled for 5 semesters, instead of the standard 4, 2 of them spent as a learning experience in a firm or organization (which can also plan some time abroad).

Here you can see the projects presented by the companies for the 2023-2024 call

ECO srl

FLANAT Research Italia

EPO srl

Innova-tech srl  


Azienda Agricola Baggini Moreno