"Università nei collegi"

CNR 2025

The University of Pavia is committed to providing its students with a comprehensive educational experience that combines high scientific quality with engaging and innovative teaching methods. 

In this context the University of Pavia is offering to all enrolled students the possibility to participate in the "Università nei Collegi" initiative: the already rich educational offer of the University of Pavia is further enriched with a list of courses held in University Student Residences and given by nationally and internationally prestigious teachers external to the University of Pavia.

They are crash courses (usually concentrated over a week) corresponding to 3 or 6 CFU that all enrolled students can attend and add to their study plan either as elective/free-choice or extra exams.

For the academic year 2024-25 the Master's Degree in Agrifood sustainability, together with the Collegio Ghislieri, is proposing 4 courses within the framework of the "Università nei Collegi" project:

"Seed ecology and use" - 3 CFU/ETCS

"Conservation and use of biodiversity, from genes to landscape" - 3 CFU/ETCS

"Sustainable wine marketing" - 3 CFU/ETCS

"Carbon sequestration and the contribution of the Agri-Food sector" - 3 CFU/ETCS

In addition to that, University Student Residences will also host “Laboratori delle competenze trasversali” ("Soft Skills Workshops") that are open to all enrolled students and provide “Open Badges” well recognised at the European level. They are interactive workshops held by some of the most Italian experts on the matter and students can participate for free. They are mostly given in Italian, but for the academic year 2024-25, there will be one in English: "Compassionate leadership" (find more information on page 77 of the link below).


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